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Injury Care

Types of injuries that occur and are treated in the work place that are considered non-emergency injuries include but are not limited to cuts and bruises, abrasions of or foreign bodies in the eyes, sprains of fingers, ankles, and other joints, and back injuries from falls or lifting. More serious, traumatic or life threatening injuries should be referred to nearest emergency room.

Proactive Occupational Medicine's approach, as implied by our name, proactively approaches the treatment and intervention when injuries occur on the job. All of our treatment strategies are based on physician-approved protocols and evidential information garnered from the employee at the work site according to the following steps:

  • Complete an assessment of the injury, the level of urgency, and the approved physician protocol.
  • Determine the cause and how the injury occurred, the injured worker’s medical history, and any other relevant and significant information surrounding the injury.
  • Provide information to the injured worker regarding their condition and the next steps in the treatment process.
  • Direct the injured worker to return to work, to report to the Proactive Occupational Clinic, or other appropriate treatment.
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