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We provide assistance with development and
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Medical Advisory

Medical Specialist Care

When an injury is complicated or severe, our physicians will call on a medical specialist(s) to intervene, treat and manage the care of the injured worker consistent with our treatment philosophy.

These medical physicians are specialists in the fields of orthopedics, podiatry, internal medicine, neurology, cardiology, specialty surgeons, etc. Upon completion of the specialist's services, the injured worker is referred back to the Proactive Occupational Medicine's Physician for further counsel and treatment.

Physician Review Services

  • Workers compensation claims
  • Medical necessity
  • Treatment question review
  • Appealed reviews

On-Site Consulting and Training Services

  • Job-site analysis
  • Development of treatment program for injured employees compatible with the employee's essential job functions
  • Human factors engineering services
  • Drug and alcohol awareness training for employees and supervisors
  • Respiratory protection
  • Health education and training
    • Nutrition tips
    • Diet Information
    • Heart health tips
    • Diabetes prevention
    • Cancer awareness

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