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Pre Emplyoment

Drug Testing/Screening

Substance abuse is an ever growing national problem reaching epidemic proportions in recent years. Substance abuse contributes to accidents, workers compensation claims, theft, absenteeism, and tardiness while decreasing productivity.

Many companies base their testing around the following

  • Pre-Employment
  • Reasonable suspicion
  • Return from layoff or leave of absence
  • Return to duty
  • Regulatory requirement

With Proactive Occupational Medicine, you have the choice of determining which samples (urine, blood, or hair) that should be used to detect substance abuse. Test analysis reports are generally returned within 24 to 48 hours . Items tested for:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates (codeine, morphine, & 6-monoacteyl morphine)
  • Methamphetamine (meth/amphetamine & ecstasy)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Poisons and Toxins
  • Heavy Metals
  • Alcohol
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants

Regulatory baseline blood analysis and monitoring include tests for the following substances:

  • Lead
  • Asbestos
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Arsenic
  • Radioisotopes

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